What’s Better For Gaming: Should I Buy Laptop?

There was a time when computers were bigger and heavier, the size of a double-decker! As time passed by, computers were evaluated into laptops. Portables are a luxury these days. But when it comes to gaming, the most complicated question is: what’s better? A PC or a laptop?

There is no doubt that PCs are way heavier and harder to move around than laptops. Laptops can never ever reach the luxury and quality that you get from PCs in gaming. But there are certain aspects that laptops win over PCs.

Both the PC and laptop have portability, upgradability, and affordability options; therefore, it becomes difficult to give a one-word answer! Let’s figure out both devices under the following features:

  • Portability
  • Upgradability
  • Performance
  • Portability

You better know the answer! Traditional desktops or PCs are heavier and are not portable. They weigh around four pounds, and it’s nearly impossible to relocate them when you feel like changing the sitting. However, laptops are lighter and easy to carry. Even the heaviest of all is easier to carry with than a PC.

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Pandemic has all made us work from home, game from home! So, portability isn’t a big issue; unless you want to shift your gaming console to the kitchen table to enjoy some coffee! Makes sense? This is where the laptop wins.

  • Upgradability

Laptops are pre-built, which means you cannot make upgrades easily. In contrast, Pcs or desktops can be built on your own. No, that’s not that tough! The larger the desktops are, the more it is convenient to upgrade. PCs allow you to upgrade anything whenever it is worn out. Feel like upgrading RAM or increasing the storage? Need better graphics; a new video card with better fps? You can always customize-build your own PC.

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When it comes to laptops, you cannot upgrade them. Some laptops do allow you to upgrade RAM or increase storage, but still not all! If you are a person who likes to make major upgrades for the long term, desktops are the best for you!

  • Performance

Performance depends upon the hardware specifications that you buy. But when it comes to PC or laptops, there is no doubt that PCs work better than laptops. You might be wondered to know that: there is a major performance difference between a PC and a laptop with the same specifications! If you compare a $3000 pre-built laptop performance, it will be worth $800 in the case of a desktop. You see the difference! Why?

That’s because desktops are larger, and they have better cooling and heat dissipation that helps keep the temperature low, which leads to better performance. On a lighter note: The performance of a device is of no use until you use it. Do not just throw money on desktops when you can function properly, even on a laptop. Make smart choices!

Should I Buy Laptop?

After considering the most important aspects above, we get a conclusion that gaming PCs are far better than laptops. But don’t just jump into buying a PC. Buy what you need to buy. For example, if you want a gaming device that works for ten years, then definitely go for a desktop. But if you wish to enjoy a portable device that lets you game about either on the table or bed, then go for laptops. Laptops are insanely fast these days; it totally depends upon your needs!

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Bottom Line

Laptops are in no way better than Pcs except for portability. If you want to save some dollars, you can laptop kaufen. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. The market is full of gaming laptops with multiple hardware specs options and price ranges. The thing is, you cannot upgrade or replace hardware; gaming desktops allow you to do so!

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Even today, with laptops getting better, desktops are still the best considered for gaming. Gaming laptops come with powerful processors, and they are able to handle more information at once. With faster graphic cards, more fans, better cooling, a PC’s performance is now here to be matched with a gaming laptop! It lies in your own choice.

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