Who Is Liable For My Car Accident Injuries If The Driver Is Disabled?

Everyone deserves to have the freedom to drive themselves to different places. Disabled people should have the right to enjoy their life and attend social gatherings. All state laws allow disabled people to get driving licenses unless their disability could potentially affect their driving. 

However, it may result in complications when a disabled driver’s negligence causes an accident and injures you. You may think that a disabled driver has more power than you, but that is not the case. When driving a car on the road, all people are obligated to obey the traffic laws. To protect your rights in such accidents, consult with car accident attorneys Los Angeles

Who Are Considered As Disabled Drivers?

A disabled driver possesses a particular disability but is still safe to operate a car on the road. These disabilities may include upper and lower limb disabilities. Such drivers often require a certain level of accommodation to be able to drive the vehicle. Click Here: gopage7

For example, if a person cannot use their legs to apply brakes and gas pedals because of their disability, they might use hand-operated tools as a substitute. 

Disabled Driver Car Accident Liability

If you have been harmed by a vehicle being driven by a disabled driver, you are allowed and eligible to file for personal injury compensation. In the eyes of the law, every person with a driving license has proven that they can drive a car on the road. Failure to maintain safety on the road and failure to abide by the traffic laws will result in equal consequences for all, whether they are disabled or not. 

A disabled driver usually has accommodation in their vehicle according to their disability to operate a car. To drive safely, they are required to make use of this special assistive equipment. Failure to use them and then causing an accident will be counted as negligence on their part. 

What Can You Do When A Disabled Driver Is At Fault?

If a disabled driver has caused your injuries, you can proceed with the same forms of legal action as you would in the case of a non-disabled driver. Having a disability does not impose any restrictions on your injury claim. 

A disabled driver, like any other driver, is required to carry car insurance. If their negligence causes a collision, they must compensate for your damages according to the law. Some people may argue that disabled people are more at a disadvantage than others and thus should be protected. However, the law is the same for anyone who fails to follow basic traffic and driving laws. fullformsadda informenu dishportal etvhindu quoteamaze

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