Why IWC Watches are Valued: Quality and Production of the Pieces

The International Watch Company was founded by a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer and is among the first watch manufacturers to see the potential in strap watches as part of fashion. The IWC works hard just to ensure that they stay ahead of other watch manufacturers by creating new designs and manufacturing a variety of watch types, therefore, presenting their clients with variety.

 In a quest to try and manufacture more eco-friendly straps for watches that do not use either leather, rubber, or fabric, IWC launched several IWC watch brands to make alternative types of watch straps. The initially made straps such as leather are among everyone’s favorite types of straps due to their longevity and versatility. This however means that to obtain the cuddly leather material, an animal’s life is lost every time since their skin has to be peeled. The other materials used i.e., rubber and fabric on the other hand are not as durable as needed and have different complications as per the conditions they are subjected to. For this reason, most of the watches made from these materials started to fall out of fashion. 

This has become a great challenge to most watch lovers leaving people with a difficult situation to handle when it comes to producing watches with quality straps. Leather-made straps were the only last option other than rubber and fabric. This was however discouraging since the leather sometimes started stinking and undoing itself making the watches less comfortable. The IWC, therefore, came up with an unexpected alternative for making more eco-friendly straps. The use of TimberTex based straps has seen the evolution of watch straps making. 

Search for Natural Material

IWC has been focused on promoting sustainable business practices as they make quality luxury watches. The need to replace the leather straps led to research that aimed at finding an alternative by examining the natural, green, and vegan material sources. The search for more quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly straps started by researching how to manufacture a new product that fulfills these requirements other than continuing with research on the existing leather and plastic options. The company researchers placed into consideration the source of the material, The TimberTex material being sourced from the forest needs a constant source that prioritizes renewable energy forest sources to avoid destroying forests without a recovery plan. 

Sustainable Alternative 

The TimberTex is sourced from trees and is made up of mostly the cellulose component of the trees. The cellulose component can be used to manufacture thick leathery material in a process similar to that used in papermaking. Once the leathery sheets of material have been made, they are cut into several different strap pieces after they have been dyed using natural dyes. The straps are made more comfortable by layering them and sewing them together using recycled thread. TimberTex straps have a good quality which will be appreciated by the watch market with time. The material undergoes an average of 60 steps before they are ready for use. Additionally, the material created is water-resistant and is usually passed through thorough IWC quality testing to ensure that the environment is not adversely impacted by the production of the strap. 

Watch Warranty.

Initially, the IWC watch brands had a warranty period of 2 years to their clients. The warranty was increased to 8 years by 2019 on registering in the MY IWC program through the IWC’s international limited warranty on an online platform. The customers who already bought this brand’s watches within the past two years had their warranties extended.


The type of special craftsmanship done on IWC watches makes the watch owners sure that they will own the pieces for up to a lifetime and even pass it to generations. The pieces may only need regular servicing to be able to last for years and years. The only people allowed to offer IWC watches servicing, repair and maintenance are professionally trained IWC watchmakers throughout the world. The watches are usually repaired with carte and keenness at the headquarters, especially for old pieces. The IWC manufacturing center employs the use of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation to make pieces of exceptional quality and iconic pieces.

Why you should own an IWC watch brand.

IWC watches are produced focusing on the sustainability of the production, quality, and aesthetic aspects. The pieces are innovation-based. Below are reasons as to why you should own one of these watches.

  • Technically innovated

IWC watch production is based on high technological levels that have exceeded the expectations of most manufacturers. The company does not focus on celebrity influencers and marketing but focuses on technical innovations.

  • Perfect for traveling.

The pieces produced by IWC are conducive for people who travel. Pilots and seafarers can now travel comfortably since the watches can withstand tight demands such as stormy seas therefore perfect for international lifestyles.

  • Good investment

The IWC watches values keep rising every year. Buying an IWC watch is, therefore, an investment since the pieces are produced in very limited qualities and will therefore become very rare.

  • Well designed

The design of IWC watches is understated. The pieces are always designed, and they have had an iconic engineer designing pieces for over 20 years. 

  • Indicator of Someone’s Taste

People have always felt that IWC watches have a particular taste due to their quality and craftsmanship. Most have considered buying the watch as an investment.


The IWC watch brands are considered one of the most luxurious, cool, and sophisticated accessories that one can choose to use in complementing their attires. They have established themselves in the watch industry due to the innovative and remarkable technology and craftsmanship used to create the pieces. It is also a very trustable brand due to the quality assurance on each of the pieces.

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