Why Solar Water Heater is the Best Investment Decision

A solar heater enables much saving of money since it traps the light from the sun and uses it to heat water hence economical unlike other sources of energy as sunis just free of charge.

Since sunlight is everywhere, technology decided to come up with these heating systems to help people who have little or no access to other sources of energy to heat water for domestic use. The system uses a solar thermal collector to perform the task. There are various configurations of the machine that provide heating of water in different latitudes and climatic conditions.

No cost of energy: Since energy from the sun is natural and is free of charge, the heater tends to be economical as there is no purchase of gas or the oil that will be used to heat water. People always require hot water for domestic uses such as bathing, washing utensils etc. Using solar energy is a big save especially for large families.


The solar heaters always convert more than 80% of solar radiation to heat which is used in heating water in hot water tanks. Therefore it outweighs other forms of energy in heating water. The efficiency is high. During seasons of cold, they have an immersion heater for backup hence always heating water to the required temperature.

It Conserves the Environment;

As started, these heaters only take sun radiation and convert it into heat energy therefore do not release/emit any gases while at work and provides a footprint of carbon which is low. The panels lower carbon footprint and hence makes it a better way of protecting the environment.

Its Affordable Price:

The solar water heater price in Kenya is quite affordable compared to other sources of energy and thus preferred by majority Kenyans

Does not Produce Noise:

While at work, the heater produces zero noise, this is because it has no movable parts and does not have gearboxes that normally produce noise, thus it is good to deal with domestically. Since most people don’t like to chill where there is much noise, this one becomes their choice and hence more purchase.

They Take Less Space:

The solar heaters are normally fitted on rooftops. This is by far better and less space-consuming compared toother sources of energy that may be used to heat water.

The Low Maintenance Cost:

As you know, the solar heaters lack movable parts therefore it does not require oiling or greasing. Its location on the rooftop is also of advantage since it does not require installation and uninstallation. Once installed, that’s it.

In conclusion, the advantages of using a solar water heater to heat water outweigh their disadvantages; they are more efficient and reliable and through professional installation, most of the disadvantages can be averted. When making purchases, it is important to compare the prices offered at different market places to avoid being overcharged and purchasing a counterfeit product. Do your research well!

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