Will a CFO Work Remotely?

Perhaps you have gotten used to communicating with your staff who are working remotely, or maybe you have suspended operations from a larger office and moved to a smaller office due to a larger amount of your staff working from home. Whatever your reason, remote work can be found with Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). The pandemic has prepared many individuals to work from home and has highlighted both its challenges as well as benefits.

How is a CFO who works remotely different?

If you’re looking to recruit or hire a CFO who works remotely, you’re looking for a virtual CFO. Most virtual CFOs work part-time. So instead of handing off your financial work to a CFO in office, you are able to do so over the phone or Internet. A CFO handles all sorts of financial responsibilities for you and your business, including helping your company achieve its financial goals, while minimizing expenses wherever they can.

This allows for a variety of benefits:

  • Since most virtual CFOs are part-time, it dramatically reduces cost. This allows for not only large companies to enjoy the benefits of a CFO, but also for smaller companies to work with one.
  • Part-time CFOs are typically paid at hourly or monthly rates. This means you don’t overpay and can get exactly the amount of work done you need.
  • Additionally, since most CFOs work part-time, you don’t have to offer a benefits package, making the price once again competitive.
  • Hiring a virtual CFO means you have more options. If you don’t happen to like any of the candidates in a 10-mile radius of your business location, then you can simply expand that search to a much further distance in order to find the right fit for you and your business.
  • Virtual CFOs typically work on several different projects within different companies at the same time, which adds to their experience. This can be helpful in times of challenges, as they may have helped another company with this before or can give insight if this challenge is a trend at the same time or not.
  • Virtual CFOs don’t need a long adjustment period. They are used to working remotely and getting started immediately. No more waiting for the new hire to integrate into your team.Visit Here: wcowlnews
  • Virtual CFOs can work on the same jobs you would ask a regular CFO to do, but should you have less work one week over another, that isn’t a concern for you as they work part-time anyway.Visit here: wcowlnews

FD Capital

FD Capital offers recruiting services for hiring CFOs, including part-time virtual CFOs. Because of FD Capital’s experience in hiring just the right virtual CFOs for businesses, they have several waiting to start immediately. FD Capital has seen an increase in demand for virtual CFOs ever since the pandemic started, so they are experienced in finding the right candidates who will get the job done efficiently and correctly. You can trust that whenever you hire FD Capital, that your business and its finances will be in good hands.

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